Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blogging about Blogging

As many of you know (and have told me several times), I don't update things very often. With my previous blog, I only had a couple posts when it should have been way longer because it wasn't just for everyone to read but could've been a record for myself to look back on. I don't want to make any promises (just to relieve the pressure), but I hope to blog more regularly. Blogging felt like a chore before, but now that this blog is just whatever I want, I can relax and enjoy it. Also, now that everyone else has one and I'm ultra competitive, I'll try to keep up with everyone else.

I love creating new things, and this blog was fun to create.... at first. The name, which is an all important feature to a good blog, came naturally. But the problem came with the template. I usually like the set up with the posts on the right and the info on the left. But when I chose one of the templates, it just looked weird. So I chose another, and the color scheming was too messed up and didn't offer up a lot of options. So I chose this template and these colors, and after a long time of fiddling, I came up with this. I dunno how I feel about this -_-;. And the picture was kind of a bitch to make, but whatever, it's cheap-looking, just like me.


--Till then...

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emie said...

i like your picture! although, it needs to be sized down to fit into your title box. but maybe not for your big-ass screen on your lap top, but definitely for my tiny-ass screen.