Thursday, July 21, 2011

Words to Live By

Change is coming, and it feels so good!!! It's still relatively far away, but it's exciting!!! And there is one phrase that's gotten me through all this. I don't usually like taking other people's words as inspiration, but this phrase from Owl City's song "This is the Future" has really been my mantra:

Dive in and swim away
From your loneliness and miserable days.

My loneliness and miserable days have been quite numerous lately. And my willingness and hope for anything good has been inversely proportional. But chanting my mantra, I dove into the pool of possibilities for a chance to swim away. And it worked.

Where am swimming to now to escape these two things that plague my current life? Japan, of course! There, my loneliness shall end. So many of my dearest friends currently (or will soon) live there. There, my miserable days will be numbered. I can have the freedom I want with the exploration I crave.

I know it won't be perfect. I'm predicting I will not like my job or the situations it will put me in, but this is just stop one on my journey.

But seriously, just think about how powerful these words are. We can swim away from our own problems with effort. It may be hard and our seas may be more turbulent than others', but we're all already drowning where we are now. So please, everyone, I urge you: dive in and swim away from your loneliness and miserable days.

--Till then...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Need to Shave

Funny how time slips more and more away. Even now, in my days of just work instead of work and school and clubs and everything, I can't even find time to shave or clean my room or wash the dishes. I pray that it's because I can't find the time and not that I don't have the energy. Please don't tell me this is aging. I've fought my entire life to not... Never mind. I'll spare you that thought.

I've been planning on things changing. I'm hoping this change will mean that I'll have time to shave. But there's the thought of the harsh reality that I'll never have time to shave.

--Till then...