Saturday, August 30, 2008


I want to write a new post, but haven't had enough time! I have RA training which is so.... draining. Bleh, I don't even feel like typing it here. I have this nice three day weekend, but today's already over. I promise I'll write something in the future. I know exactly what to write on.

--Till then...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dream Animals

Everyone talks about the house of their dreams, but for me, I don't really give too much of a crap. For me, it's all about the animals! Let's start with animals that I could actually own.

First up, dogs. I want three dogs. The first dog that I will get will be a Boston Terrier named... Bessie! I just think that'd be the perfect name for a Boston Terrier! While there are many variations, I'd prefer a perfectly black and white one, like this:

The next dog I own would have to be a black pug. While Stella is a fawn colored pug, I've always like black pugs better. There's just something about them. I don't have any good names planned for her (I'd be getting all female dogs, as they are far easier to train and take care of), but I was thinking maybe something Japanese. I'm open up to any suggestions!

My third an final dog is a tough one. I either want a white French Bulldog, a Chihuahua, or a Pomeranian. Small dogs are just easier to care for, cost less for maintenance, and live longer, so yeah.

On top of the three dogs, I want a Guinea Pig. Preferably, a black, white, and brown one, a brindle one, or a tan one. I'm in Guinea Pig withdrawal right now, because my mom left our two Guinea Pigs, Winny and Ginny, out in the sun too long and KILLED THEM!!!

Next, I want some sort of bird. The only problem is I want to train it to be affectionate and loving, but that takes a lot of work. While I like the idea of a Macaw and a Cockatoo, I think they might be too big, so probably an African Grey would be perfect. They are so intelligent, and if you've ever seen a video of Alex the Grey Parrot on Youtube, you'd want to run out and buy one!

I would also be interested in getting a reptile, most preferably a chameleon! I love their eyes, heads, feet, and tail. They're so exotic! The only problem, though, is that I read that they can't really be trained to socialize. Man, if only we could domesticate them more, they'd be the perfect pets!

Now, for the ones I wouldn't be able to own. First of, I think it would be amazing to have a camel. I was watching this documentary about a baby camel growing up in a zoo, and they are really affectionate. I would love to ride it everywhere when it grows up. That'd be so much fun!

On top of a camel, it would be really cool to own a pygmy hippo. This is another animal that was inspired by something I saw on TV. A giraffe would also be amazing!!!

And last, but not least, is the object of my affection.... a penguin! I'd want as many different penguins as I could get my hands on.

*sigh* If only having all of these animals was feasible......

--Till then...

Monday, August 18, 2008

If only I could....

I would like to share with you one of my favorite music videos, not only for the very relaxing song, but the setting and story. Enjoy!

--Till then...

Apologies to Bessie: My Dream

Last night I had a weird dream:

It was Joe, Liz, and I and some other people, and we were trying to get to the airport in Japan to go home. We were coming from Kyoto back to Tokyo, and Liz wanted to buy some more souvenirs when we got back. For whatever reason, there was a train that went directly from Kyoto to the airport. When we arrived, it dropped us off in this terminal and we had no clue where we were or where we were going. It was like a mall, with tons of shops and restaurants, but most of them were closed and there were barely any people in the area we were in. We went to this store that sold candy, and we talked about how if we bought chocolate, it would melt before it got home. Looking at the time, we realized that we wouldn't be able to leave the airport and buy souvenirs like Liz wanted to (our flight left at 5). We wandered the airport, and we saw this security guard standing there. For whatever reason, Joe dared me to go up to him and ask him the name of the airport. I took the dare, and, in Japanese, I asked him. He responded back in Japanese, but soon switched to English. He never really answered my question, but explained something else, and I just smiled and nodded and thanked him. We kept walking. The time was cutting it really close, so I told everyone to kick it into gear and search for where we had to go. We made it to the gate, and we went through. It was an outside train platform on the roof, though. It turns out that we had to wait for a train to come to take us to our airplane. On the platform, there were many people, mainly our age, who appeared to be returning from studying abroad. We had to wait a while, and while we were waiting, this girl who went to Sophia with us came up to me and said that it was so sad that we were leaving. I knew her and was sad too, but I had no clue what her name was and felt it too rude to ask. I asked her if we could take a picture together before we part ways, and she agreed. I tried taking pictures, but I'd either hold it the wrong way, have the wrong setting on so it would look weird, or just miss our faces entirely. I looked at the camera to change the settings, and I realized it wasn't mine. I was angry and looked around for my camera. Then this college kid with a baseball cap came up to me, laughed, and said "I stole your camera". He pulled mine out and handed it to me. I was so angry, that I smashed the one he switched mine with. After that, I had to retake the pictures, but I kept missing again. Finally, I was satisfied and thanked the girl, gave her a hug, and looked for the train. But I looked at my watch, and it was 8 o'clock, 3 hours past the departure time!!!! My first reaction was annoyance that Liz and Joe didn't come and get me, but then I realized that I never got any ticket or anything, so I didn't know how I was going to get home! Then I woke up......

Weird/boring dream, huh? I always remember a lot of my dreams, and they're usually about something I was frustrated about. I remember that the whole "how am I going to get to the airport?" thing really upset me. I also always have dreams about going back to high school and always being late to my classes. I guess I just have an anxiety about being late to something important!

--Till then...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

This post brought to you by the letter 'P'

I love puzzles. Puzzles are what I live for. Anything from jigsaw to word scrambles to Tetris. There really isn't a puzzle I don't like (except slide puzzles and Rubik's cubes..... Those are impossible and boring). When I'm bored and don't have much to do (or do, but am too lazy to do it), I will usually whip out a puzzle. If I 'm on a long drive with my DS, it'll usually be Sudoku, but about 300 puzzles later, I'll be the first to say it's gotten a little dry. My number one time wasting puzzle, though, is web based, as I spend way too much time on the Internet. This little life destroyer was introduced to me by none other than Bessie. What game could this be, one I've surely spent 150+ hours playing? Why, Text Twist, of course. No matter how many times I play this game, I can't put it down. I'll be writing a seven page paper due in less than 12 hours, be stuck on page 3, and my mouse will lead me to text twist, where I'll keep saying "after this game, I'll quit". I finally found a logical argument to stop my brain from playing. I tell it that only if I get all of the words, I can keep playing. Needless to say, I got my paper in with absolutely no time to spare. What is it about puzzles that's so addicting???

My latest addiction is a game that everyone should play. It's called Picross, and is on the DS. I've beaten pretty much all of the standard puzzles on it, but being in Japan, I missed a lot of the downloadable puzzles, which I'm slowly completing. My mind can never rest, and whenever I start a new puzzle, I always am thinking of solutions, even when I'm not playing. Does that make me clever, or pathetic. Yeah, I'm pretty pathetic....

--Till then...

Friday, August 15, 2008


In case anyone cares, I uploaded a TON of pictures to facebook.

Pictures mean a lot to me. When I was growing up, I felt like not enough pictures were taken. I blame this mainly on the hassle that is film cameras. While I know that there are aspects of film cameras that are pleasing, you can't deny the quickness and easiness of digital cameras. I decided towards the end of Freshman year in college that I'd take more pictures. I want to remember those moments in my life, no matter how silly or blurry. I have a good memory, but not when it comes to moments in my life. I always remember useless trivia, but I can't remember what I did two summers ago. This is why I need a camera constantly by my side. Sometimes, though, I think a camera can be hindering to memories. Especially if I go to a zoo or some other highly photographic place. I feel like I'm spending too much time taking pictures without focusing on what's going on around me or just enjoying my time. *sigh*

Nothing makes me happier than when people look at and comment on my pictures on facebook. I get such a happy feeling that someone took the time to share these memories. I also love looking at other people's pictures and commenting. Pictures just show who you are and where you've been.

For you faithful blog readers, I'll post one of my favorite pictures ever taken that hasn't been posted on facebook yet. I hope you enjoy!

--Till then...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer Sickness

Summer, while a great season, is definitely not my favorite, but that doesn't mean that I don't thoroughly enjoy it. But I pose this question to all of you reading: when is the last time you had a real summer? But in order to answer this, you have to know my definition of a real summer. For me, a real summer is no commitments. Whatsoever. Like being able to roll out of bed at 2 in the morning, have 3 bowls of sugar cereal, and watch TV until your friend comes over to go to the pool with you. No commitments means no work, no summer school, no book to read before school starts again, nothing. So when was my last real summer? Probably the summer between 8th grade and 9th grade, 2002, 6 years -_-....

This is what I strive for every year, but it never seems to work out. Last summer, I was scheduled to be even busier then I was at college, but I put my foot down and lessened it. This summer was spent mainly in Japan, which was amazing, but also going to school, which was torturous. But now, I'm at least enjoying 2 and a half weeks of a real summer. No job, no summer school, no summer homework, just me, my family and friends, and Milwaukee. And pretty much nothing to do @_@. The greatest things I've done so far in my week back has been going out for pizza and seeing Iron Man for a dollar at the budget theater with my best friends from high school (who are amazing and I'm so glad that they still hang out with me despite lack of contact when school is in session. YOU RULE BRAD AND CARLOS!!!!) and going on a cross state road trip with my mom through southern Wisconsin to Iowa (that was ridiculously awesome). Other than that, I've been sick and had ridiculous sleep problems (I'm typing this at 7 in the morning, woke up at 5:45, and the previous days, I haven't slept until 7 in the morning). My long term goal for the precious short time I have here? Nothing. But with my loving of lack of commitments, that should be good, right? Well, no. I no this sounds pathetically geeky, but my favorite thing in summer is buying old games and beating them. But with a lack of funds and a lack of systems (as they are being generously watched over my my gracious friends in Seattle, thank you), my gaming has been reduced to my DS, which is what kept me sane in my extreme boredom in Japan.

Another weird thing about summer that I've observed is how it makes my friends act. People seem more thoughtful and reflective during this time away from the friends we spend most of the year with. A side-effect of this is an upcropping of blog posts. The thing I urge friends is to keep this reflectiveness. Otherwise, I won't have anything to read come fall.

--Till then...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blogging about Blogging

As many of you know (and have told me several times), I don't update things very often. With my previous blog, I only had a couple posts when it should have been way longer because it wasn't just for everyone to read but could've been a record for myself to look back on. I don't want to make any promises (just to relieve the pressure), but I hope to blog more regularly. Blogging felt like a chore before, but now that this blog is just whatever I want, I can relax and enjoy it. Also, now that everyone else has one and I'm ultra competitive, I'll try to keep up with everyone else.

I love creating new things, and this blog was fun to create.... at first. The name, which is an all important feature to a good blog, came naturally. But the problem came with the template. I usually like the set up with the posts on the right and the info on the left. But when I chose one of the templates, it just looked weird. So I chose another, and the color scheming was too messed up and didn't offer up a lot of options. So I chose this template and these colors, and after a long time of fiddling, I came up with this. I dunno how I feel about this -_-;. And the picture was kind of a bitch to make, but whatever, it's cheap-looking, just like me.


--Till then...

A New Beginning...

Hello, all! It is I, Anthony, come home from Japan! Now that it's all over with, I have developed a new outlook on life, and a new outlook calls for a new blog to bitch about all that new stuff I'm looking at with my new outlook. So welcome to Digital Orange! Make sure you check out all of my friends' other blogs, as they are hella interesting and are far better bloggers than I.

--Till then...