Friday, January 22, 2010

I Wish... Part 2

I wish...
...I could cry more easily, like I used to.
...I could take back that day. If I had never done that, I'd be a million times better.
...animals could talk.
...for super powers. All of them. Water manipulation, invisibility, control over time, you name it.
...I had more siblings. two were still my best friends and we could laugh over the stupidest things again.
...I had the ability to fall asleep whenever I want. Or never need sleep. Well, actually, on second thought, I love dreaming, so maybe just being able to sleep whenever I want and having it always be super restful.
...I had a puppy. weren't a sociopath. lived in the real world instead of your own little world. knew how much I love you. could just apologize, forgive, and forget.
...for things that you wouldn't want to know about. visit my childhood self and give him advice. I'd especially like to give him a notebook filled with all of my regrets so that he could avoid them for our own sake.
...I have wished in the past to not be the way I am. It would have made my life a lot easier. But now, I'd never wish for that. It's given me so much insight into the world.
...people could see me for who I am.
...Pokemon were real more than anything.
...lonely kids' could realize that their imagination is their best tool to realizing a better future.
...I could go on a journey like Chihiro does in Spirited Away.
I could travel around the world with my friends. I especially wish that I could reenact the scene from The Cheetah Girls 2 where they sing "Strut" while walking down the streets of Barcelona.
...all my friends would never leave me.
...wishes were real.

--Till then...

1 comment:

4649 said...

ditto on the chihiro one.

and on the wishing people could see you for who you really were...i dunno if you allow them to. probably for good reason...but just something to think about.