Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Wish... Part 1

I always wonder about what I'd wish for if given the opportunity. I think about various scenarios and restrictions on wishes. I think I think WAY too much about it to the point where I believe wishes are real and owed to me. Anyways, here are my thought processes on wishes, which I believe reveals more about my inner psyche than anything else.

When assessing the wishing scenario, I always first consider the number of wishes I have. If I have multiple wishes, I usually prioritize them in order to boil down what I really want in case I only have the option for one wish. These scenarios always involve a being or other sentient entity granting me such a wish, and not so much a "wishing on a shooting star" scenario. This way, I get instant feedback on whether my wish was accepted and how many wishes are left.

As for the actual wishes, the first wish I'd always attempt to make would be wishing for multiple wishes. I'd never say infinite wishes, because I feel that would be wasteful, but I usually think of some larger than needed number like 1,876 wishes, etc. If this wish is denied, then I'd move on to another wish. But if it was granted, I'd usually set up some sort of security system for wishing so that I wouldn't actually wish for something I didn't intend ("I wish you were never born!" type scenarios). These security systems usually involve some sort of complex gesture that I wouldn't do randomly.

As for wishes not involving wishes, I've put long thought into what my first wish is. The first wish I'd probably make (especially if it was my only wish) would be some sort of compact device (like an orb) that can answer any question I ask. I would limit the device, though, in such a way that it wouldn't give answers to questions that would "blow my mind" so to speak, i.e. "What's the meaning of life?", "Is there a God?", etc. In this way, with this device, I could almost fulfill any other wish I would have. For example, I could ask the device, "What would it be like to be a soldier in ancient Rome?", and the device would put me in a situation where I actually experienced the question rather than just giving me textual answers. This way, I could play around in history and whatnot without actually fucking things up. The device's other "security feature" would also include limiting use and knowledge of the device to myself so a 3rd party wouldn't be able to use it for nefarious purposes.

But think about the practicality of this device for a second. It encompasses many other wishes in one. You'd be able to read other people's minds ("What does so-and-so think about me?"). You could gain vast amounts of wealth ("Which numbers should I play in the lottery?"). And, if you don't mind the ethical dilemma, you could achieve true love ("Who is the love of my life?", "How do I get so-and-so to like me?"). If any of you do get the opportunity to get a wish granted, it would be in your best interest to wish for this. And when you do get it, make sure you throw some compensation my way ^_~

In addition to other possible wishing restrictions (like number, as noted before), I think about the scale of wishes the wish granting entity would allow. If the wish must be "realistic", so to speak, in that all things asked for must be physically possible (no superpowers, magical animals, etc.), then the ones I feel the most practical to me would be to either have all debts I have ever incurred and will incur be paid for instantly by some unseen force or have verbal and written fluency in all languages. The first one would be nice because it would mean that you wouldn't have to worry about money ever. Once you swipe that credit card, you don't owe a thing. The second one sounds amazing because you'd be able to communicate with ANYONE. The only thing I'd be worried about is my head exploding from all of that knowledge and the fact that learning languages is most of the fun of them.

Anyways, this is only part 1 (as noted above) of my views on wishes. I intend to do at least 2 more, one being just a list of things that I wish for (which I was originally going to make this post as), so be on the look out.

--Till then...

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