Saturday, March 21, 2009

Paradox Week and Goals

This week has been the weirdest week of my life. It has been a week where I've felt the most joyous and felt the most worthless (probably with more emphasis on the worthless). I've proved myself to myself while letting down the people I care about. I found something to work towards for the rest of my life and cried for the first time in a year over it, yet still want to pursue it. I've been with people almost every hour of each day this week, yet I've never felt so lonely. But it's over. And I have no clue where to go from here or if it will go the way I want it to. It both scares and thrills me.

I now have a week to myself (for the most part) and I want to set some goals for myself, even though I'll be busy still.

1.) Beat Persona 3 and start Persona 4.
2.) Finish Brave Story and maybe restart Goblet of Fire.
3.) Get better at Super Smash Bros.: Brawl so that I can have something to show for all the time I put into it..... and so that I can kick Philip's ass ^_~
4.) Go to the gym every day (let's see if I can actually do this....).
5.) Be less depressed/less of a douche.

Think I can do it??? I hope so. I'll also try to blog each day. But if I promise that, I don't think I will do it.

--Till then...

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Anonymous said...

i think you can do it! ^O^
ohhhh, if you go to the gym, tell me. that's one of my goals as well~