Saturday, March 28, 2009

And the Results are In!!!

Let me start off by first saying that I feel hollow right now. I feel kind of just stuck in time with no purpose. I just got finished watching a bunch of Japanese music videos on YouTube, but now I feel like doing nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Anyways, here are the results of my goals that I set for myself for Spring Break:

1.) Didn't even play it or put it in my PS2.... Sad. There's still a possibility for tonight, but I doubt it. Although I know once I start playing, I won't be able to stop.
2.) I remembered half-way into the week that I left the book in Milwaukee. Wow, I'm dumb.
3.) This one I did accomplish!!! I think I'm a LOT better than before, which is nice.
4.) Well, I went Monday and Tuesday, but nothing after that. I'm still pretty proud of myself for going two days in a row, though. Also, when I went, it said that I had lost 4 pounds from the last time that I had been in the gym (sometime in early February), which is bizarre because both Las Vegas (where I did nothing but eat) and Finals Week (which is when I ate a lot and a lot of not so good food) were in between that time. I guess that's a good thing. But I did a TON of walking on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday so I think I was active enough over break, which was the real intent of this goal.
5.) Well, I think I did well with this one. I'm a whole hell of a lot less depressed after talking to Julia *OK, quick tangent time, I just thought today was Friday. Wow. I am dumb...* on Skype for hours. It was so liberating to talk to her and remember how good of a friend she is even though we are separated by thousands and thousands of miles. We talked mainly about the thing that has been the focus of all my thoughts for the past month, which was REALLY needed. I now think more positively about that subject, though it is still hard. As far as being less of a douchebag, I worked on it. I helped my friends move, tried being more generous, and stopped whining so much. It was nice, though, because I think it paid itself in spades for doing all of those things. Thanks guys ~^_^~

So, in the end, I took care of the goals that I think were the most important. I knew this break was not going to be long at all with work every day and whatnot, but I think I used my time as best as I could. I was especially glad that I got to hang out with Janie and develop a stronger friendship with her. I even got to meet her mom! How cool is that???

Well, I now have RA stuff to do.... I really got shafted this break with how many more duty shifts that I got put on than everyone else on staff. I am totally going to even out the playing field this quarter and make sure lazy people on staff actually do their fair share of the work. FUCK YOU, YOU KNOW WHO. Oh, and I also have to finish our door decorations, which consist of amazing origami pieces that Janie and Philip made!!!! Let me just say this now: I am ECSTATIC that the two of them are moving onto MY floor!!!! They are SUCH amazing people and now we can hang out even more!!!!!

Hmmm.... Maybe my life doesn't suck so much after all? Blogging truly is therapeutic.

--Till then...

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Oh, to be young and naive again.