Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Flame

A man was walking in the woods, lost from the rest of his party. He had been wandering the seemingly infinite forest for 21 hours now, looking for some sort of help. When he was first separated, he was happy, enjoying the beautiful world around him, but after the 13th hour, he realized he was cold and unresponsive to all but that which would sustain him. It felt like he had been wandering in circles the entire time, not making any progress towards rescue. He returned to a spot that he had found recently. It was a peaceful spot that seemed undisturbed by the predators that prowled at night. He had earlier deemed it a resting place in case he was unable to find rescue. But as he was walking up to it, the lost soul noticed a faint light. He drew closer to this mysterious light and felt the warmth he had needed for so long. As the source of light came into view, he saw a humble campfire, burning wildly in the dark night. Why hadn’t he noticed it before? Closer and closer he came to it, seeking its warmth. The initial heat he felt stung his chapped, frozen skin. But slowly, his body got used to the newfound source of life, bringing him back from near-death. The more warmth he felt, the more warmth he wanted, so he drew closer. He was now just on the cusp of the flames, but he didn’t care. He went forward. His skin began to burn, but he continued. On and on he went, and his entire body became consumed in flames. Unbearable pain shot across his entire body, but, for whatever reason, he knew it was worth it. Finally, at the center of the blaze, the burning finally stopped, and the man was one with the flame. He looked at his new state, shining brightly as the full moon. The flame and him now provided light to the entire world that was covered in darkness. And he was happy.

--Till then...


Anonymous said...

we shoooould! i definitely want to eat out when all this is over and hang out with people :D

anddd, you're going to be here for break? yay! we can have a movie marathon. ooo, we can watch grave of the fireflies because i haven't watched that yet :O

Christine said...

i'm going to be in seattle during spring break too :D