Thursday, February 11, 2010

Part 一

While writing this, I realized that it is almost painfully revealing. Uhhhh, so just a warning.

Day 01: Your Favorite Song

Well, as many of you who know me, I have a very weird and messed up relationship with music. To me, music is very personal and I feel because meaningless when we share it, which I think almost everyone would disagree with me about. But I guess I'll offer it anyways.

I know, I know, how lame, a song from Inuyasha, but seriously, this song is amazing (you should listen to the full version). I think I love it especially because I'd hear it when I would fall asleep in high school cause it was on late at night. Nighttime is usually a scary, anxious time for me, but this song made it better.

Day 02: Your Favorite Movie
This is so hard to pinpoint, but I'll do it by genre. Traditionally Animated: Spirited Away. 3-D Animated: Up! Stop-Motion: Coraline. Comedy: Billy Madison. Romantic Comedy: Lost in Translation (I'm putting it in this category just cause I want to put it somewhere! There's romance and comedy in it, right?). Tragedy: Sophie's Choice. Musical: Hairspray. Drama: 誰も知らない(Dare mo Shiranai, Nobody Knows) and 東京ソナタ(Tokyo Sonata) (I can't pick! They're both good). Bad Movie: Crossroads or B.A.P.S.

Day 03: Your Favorite TV Show
Well, LOST is definitely the show I follow the hardest. The broad cast of characters is amazing. They all have such depth and each episode has the depth of a movie. The thing that irritates me, though, is that people who I love are killed off and their back story is never explained. It's unfair that the characters that are "popular" (but usually the least interesting) get top billing while the true mysteries are never revealed :'(. But since LOST ends this year, I will be focusing all of my unused fan attention towards glee which is such an amazing show. The characters are hilarious, the songs phenomenal, and the acting is spot on (well, except for Finn. GET A BETTER LEADING MALE STUDENT!!!). I could write SOOO much more about other shows I love, but I feel like I'm being way long winded.

Day 04: Your Favorite Book
I am OBSESSED with the Wizard of Oz series of books. They are absolutely beautiful and paint a world never before realized in fiction. It truly is America's first fairytale.

Day 05: Your Favorite Quote
I'm not one for quotes. I usually let other people do that for me. But one particularly striking quote I heard at Mass back home in Milwaukee: "You can't get to heaven alone; you can't get to hell alone." It just highlights how important we are to one another in the overall scheme of things.

Day 06: Whatever Tickles Your Fancy
I love puzzles. I think it stems from my OCD, particularly the part that makes me always pick out patterns in disorder. There's nothing more satisfying than completing a puzzle after a long try. Puzzles that I'm particularly good at: Sudoku, Picross, Text Twist, and Bejeweled. I think puzzles go hand in hand for my love of math: they just work.

--Till then...

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