Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Still the Same

The clock said hi to me today when I checked in. It reminded me again what I am trying to ignore. Too bad it still exists and always will. That was one thing I enjoyed about the temporary loss of the use of my eyes. I stayed in place.

Now that I can see again, though, I enjoy what has been given to me a long time ago. But still, it won't satisfy like what was taken away from me so callously. Yes, I can live without it. Yes, I can live without what I have right now. Yes, the internal mainframe is sound and almost indestructible. But that doesn't mean much. If we're both here, then there is a grain I mill for you and a spice you provide for me. The grain nourishes and the spice provides a much needed, complex flavor.

If what was so callously taken away from me comes back, then I will be happier. If the removed article stays elusive forever, yes, I can reach happiness again, as I am happy now, but it will not be as much so. Maybe the grain I milled seemed far too course. And some of the spice you provided me was bitter beyond belief, as other customers complained as well. But that doesn't deny either's usefulness.

Clock, stop spinning. Spice bearer, return. Either way, I'm in the hallway, taking a nap. If you can find the door, wake me up if you want.

--Till then...

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