Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Urgent Request!!!

FIRST: I REALLY want you to read my last post. I took a lot of time writing it and would like for others to read and comment on it.

I just created a new blog it's called "Uso Tsuki" (嘘月). It's a play on words. Do you get it? "Usotsuki" means "liar", but the kanji I used mean "false moon", but are still read the same way. I thought it was pretty cool sounding and came up with it by myself. Anyways, it's a blog entirely written in Japanese. I want to use it to practice writing in Japanese because lately, I've been forgetting ALL of my Japanese. You will see this clearly in my first post...

While creating it, I got an idea! I think all of us who know Japanese should be contributors to the blog so that we have one Japanese blog. Maybe how it could work would be someone would post something in Japanese, and another person could translate it into English. That way, we could practice both our writing AND translating skills as well as allow those who don't know Japanese to read the blog!!! Does that sound good? I really would like to do this and think it would be a fun way to keep in touch and to practice our skills.

My last request for the blog is that those who are fluent in Japanese (*cough* AIMI *cough*) could correct the Japanese written there so that whoever writes in it could get feedback on how accurate their writing is.

PLEASE, can we do this???? I think it would be so much fun!!!

--Till then...

P.S.: Someone should also be in charge of changing the layout @_@


Erika America said...

That's a really good idea!!!! I wish I could join :(

I'll still read it though!

4649 said...

it is a good idea! i wish i could contribute...hahaha...but alas, i guess i will be part of the audience. hope this gets off the ground!