Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Delayed Reaction

How dare you.  How fucking dare you.  You are supposed to be my friends.  How could you not stand up for me?  You know for a fucking FACT that I would stand up for you in a heartbeat.  I have never been more embarrassed or humiliated or angry in all my life.  A whole lot of effort ruined because I cannot count on people that I thought I could.  It still hurts.  It still pisses me off.  I try to write it off as no-big-deal, but it really hurts.  I'm a second-class citizen in your eyes.  I'm not worth the effort.  God forbid you step out of your comfort-zone to help someone else.  After I go out of my way to help you.  And look where it fucking got me, no?  Such a great time.  And such a great time having decisions made for me against my will.  Having to put out more because others wanted to give less.  I really highly doubt I mean much to you anymore.  And it's making me think you don't mean much anymore either.  What a great fucking ending to a PERFECT day.  I'm so honored to be in your presence.

--Till then...

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