Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Castle with no Door

I think thoughts are beautiful. I feel like I have a lot of good thoughts, but I can never express/remember them. I think this is a pretty common problem, no? Like any time I'm mad at someone, I'll have this conversation between them in my head with the perfect words to say and even predict their retorts and one-up them with even better retorts, but when I actually start talking/arguing, that whole interior conversation goes away. Ugh, I think I better carry a notebook around with me. I know it's so cliche, but I gotta do something to keep my mind straight and remember these phrasing. Being out of school and doing menial work makes your mind week. Like when you were a kid and you're come back to school and you'd forget how to write properly because you haven't done it all summer.

Oh well, just some thoughts. Some horribly written thoughts that sound much better in my head.

--Till then...

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4649 said...

know exactly what you mean! it's because thoughts are so multidimensional...i feel like we can think in images, sounds, ideas, movement, abstractedness, things that cannot even exist. how can simple words ever account for any of that? i find myself in a constant struggle for any words at all to express my thoughts. anyways, i am trying to read more to account for the lull in our brains when we're not actively learning like we did when we were in school.